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grrr... i don't like helping my sister with calculus... its every sunday night.. it ruins what would otherwise be a perfectly relaxing day.. but come 6 oclock it's hey nathan i need help with calculus... now if it was relatively simple (i'll call it practical calc) like you use in the world of enigineering that wouldn't be that bad... in my experience that's never half as bad as what math people like doing, which often involves you trying to solve bizarre fucntions that are rarely,if ever, seen in real world aplications... and if they were to come up you have tools(mathcad) to solve them for you...

These Fucking People

i want to have a column in the newspaper... it'd be titled "These Fucking People", it'd have a picture of me holding my hand to my forehead trying to convey what i'm feeling, "Wow i can't believe people like this are allowed to live"...

something Hunter S Thompson did this year would have earned him a place in this column...i used to like him, fun books, with fun movies made from them, but then he went and did this... back when the iraqi prison pictures were in the news, he wrote in his column for espn that:

"Not even the foulest atrocities of Adolf Hitler ever shocked me so badly as these [Abu Ghraib] photographs did."

he went on further to say:

"Now I am really ashamed to carry an American passport."

as far as i know only damage done was humiliation... and in my opinion humiliation is in no way comparable to death or even torture... i'm in awe that he, of all people, claimed to be so upset by these photos... and comparing goofy photos to the deaths of millions of jews makes me hold my head and say "These fucking people"... and i'm not exactly the poster child for partiotism... but his lack of partiotism also bothers me... guess that's what the drugs'll do to you though...


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