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my next hurdle will be cloning my windows partition to my new harddrive. i have a plan, and i'm confident in my plan.

temporarily install new HDD in my external USB HDD enclosure. with the new HDD i ordered an adapter that will allow me to connect the notebook drive to a standard IDE connector. i've done this before when i was recovering data from my bosses notebook drive.

after searching for some free cloning programs, i realized the program i've been using to non-destructively resize partitions also has a copy feature. this program has worked like a true champ so far, so it will be what i attempt to clone my windows partitions with. The program is called GParted. It is basically a LiveCD for Linux that just has a hardrive management application. It has a very nice GUI, and has proven to be very intuitive and reliable. Most importantly it can access hard drives connected through USB, many of the other programs i researched lacked this feature, or had this feature only if you ponied up some money.

i think i'm covered on both fronts and am ready to have at it when the drive arrives. my current plan is 30GB for windows and programs, 10GB for linux and programs, remaining ~60 GB will be the shared partition, probably ext2, for music, video, pictures, work data, documents and what ever.

the one remaining uncertainty is how my GPS software will handle the clone. The software key is only good for two installs if i remember correctly. I don't know if it will realize it is on a new drive and issues will arise, or if it will be ignorant to what happened. I'll look into this some more, if i can't find anything out before hand i'll learn through experimentation.

i'm looking forward ot trying out the newest ubuntu on my laptop. i have a few areas i want to see if have been addressed in the past two years.

1) my laptop has a non-standard resolution of 1280x800. in order for ubuntu to run at this resolution i had to jump through a few hoops. nothing too complicated, but nothing intuitive either. it is kind of frustrating, when i run GParted i can easily choose the proper resolution during the setup procedure.

2) touch pad support. this i honestly forget how it worked with breezy, but i've grown very fond of my touchpad configuration. a tap inthe uppe right corner registers as a right click. a tap in bottom left, a middle click. double tap and hold will drag objects. i'll miss these if they are not supported.

3) hibernation, will it work now? i don't remember it working nicely before. i love hibernation, fairly quick boot up time, but none of the battery consumption of stand by.

if i recall correctly everything else seemed to work fine back in breezy. there are a couple features that are relevant to me now, that i didn't care about then. bluetooth support, more specifically, will i be able to hotsync with my phone through linux. this isn't that big of a deal i have hotsynced with my laptop for over two weeks, but i'll still see how easily it can be done.

completely off topic:
i got new tires saturday morning. i feel sae on the road again, the old tires had nearly 60k on them, and the lightest snow gave them all sorts of trouble. the new ones are much more sure footed in snow.

i think i'm done rambling for now...


k.hautz said...

if you were taking bets, my money would be on GPS software continuing to work after the clone.

10:10 PM  

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