the cunning plan is not coming together...

things are not going smoothly with the drive clone. i've tried several programs (GParted, xxcopy, Ghost 9 and 10) and the clones always come up a few megabytes short, and fail to boot. Ghost gives me errors if i check the source drive for errors during the clone. I have run scandisk and norton drive tools, neither on them can find anything wrong with the disk.

I have a few more things i want to try: back up image with ghost, instead of clone, xxcopy from command prompt(not sure how to do this yet, i'm thinking there's a boot option for xp for command prompt only but i'm not sure, stupid ntfs can't use dos bootdisk can i?). After that i think I'll bite the bullet and reinstall windows, in the long run i'm sure it will be better, and i'll still have my original install intact on the old drive for reference.

pan's labyrinth starts playing tomorrow at a local theater, so that's good news.

time to go to the library after this clone attempt fails... once homework is done i'll be hammering away at this drive situation again, however long it may take... if i was only this diligent at my research...


k.hautz said...

divertirse con el laberinto!

6:43 AM  

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