well, this is a weird feeling for me... i was happy with my grades from fall until i heard what other people received... yeah they were higher than me, why else would i be upset... in some cases very justifiably so, that doesn't bother me, i know they worked harder and are smarter... others ok i'll give it to them, could be based on attitude blah blah blah... others it really kind of angers me, like when their contribution to a project is listening to their ipod and they get a higher grade than me... that's the only thing that is really getting me... oh well, nothing below a B, so i guess i can't complain, it's over and i'm not kicked out of school yet... i'm half way through time sense and credit sense... i think i just hate the point system... .5 just isn't precise enough... 94 could be a 4.0 91 could be a 3.5... i wouldn't care about the 91 and 95... but 3.5 and 4.0... that sounds ewwy...

sushi and comedy club wednesday... hoping everything works out well...


k.hautz said...

good luck with the comedy club

9:37 AM  
k.hautz said...

i had sushi last night.. and the dragon roll looked like a dragon!!

10:33 AM  
nkornbau said...

holy goodness is that awesome!

ours was presented nicely.. but nothing nearly that exciting!!

7:44 PM  

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