dress me up like a penguin...

so it's been a week. i've spent very little time in windows. only thing i was in windows for, besides coping some stuff around was to use the network printer at work. i can't get that figured out in ubuntu, hell i hardly could figure it out in windows, most other people don't even try to print to it because it is flaky so i'm not too concerned.

i really think i could live here now though... i have my opera, i think that helps the transition... it makes it feel like home... i have my tunes... i can watch movies, some WMV movie don't play right though.... i can encode movies, not that i will... but i can... open office works like a champ these days(one word of caution, open office equation editor converts to MS as a bunch of boxes).... i have the mouse set up with zones just like i have in windows... i did have to change a few things in files to get the proper resolution, but it was easier than before... hibernation works great... i installed matlab this evening... so that's all i really need... yay. next area of exploration will be gps in linux... just to see if i can.

most of my free time this past week has been spent fooling around with ubuntu... i did see pan's labyrinth, i wasn't disappointed... i also saw children of men, which i enjoyed as well. everything else has been school, research, alcohol, and hookah bars...


Blogger k.hautz said...

Well maybe i'll have you dress like a penguin for real in July...
Anyhoo looks like i'll be putting Kubuntu on my desktop since i got rid of my ATI card and my onboard video can handle compiz/beryl. Putting me back into dual boot territory again. (i lost my Suse install when i lost that drive in december)
The laptop is getting some hybrid fedora mess but it is required for an Operating systems class where i will have to be writing kernel modules and other stuff which i will inevitably screw up.
Did you ever come up with a KVM solution?

4:59 PM  
Blogger nkornbau said...

sweet, if you have any questions about kubuntu i'd be glad to try to help you out. it just uses kde instead of gnome for the gui right? it's all still pretty greek to me hehe.

i have the gps drivers loaded, but i don't have the gps working right yet, but i dont' want to go out and test it when it's 5 degrees out...

one remaining problem is the crt and tv out on my laptop. i have a how-to about it, but i have not felt like playing around with it yet.

I don't think I'm going to worry about a KVM. I don't really need the two desktops set up and running all the time. It would have been nice for a couple days when i was really getting into it, but now i don't think i'd use it much. Thanks though!

I get vista for free from school, i don't know if i'm going to install it, i might if my laptop likes it, since it's a fresh install of windows and i don't have much to lose if i go back to xp.

5:10 PM  
Blogger k.hautz said...

yep on the KDE bit... since most of my early experience involved Knoppix which was KDE based, i have decided to stick with what i know at least somewhat.

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Necia said...

Well said.

10:20 PM  
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