depeche mode is pretty awesome.


dress me up like a penguin...

so it's been a week. i've spent very little time in windows. only thing i was in windows for, besides coping some stuff around was to use the network printer at work. i can't get that figured out in ubuntu, hell i hardly could figure it out in windows, most other people don't even try to print to it because it is flaky so i'm not too concerned.

i really think i could live here now though... i have my opera, i think that helps the transition... it makes it feel like home... i have my tunes... i can watch movies, some WMV movie don't play right though.... i can encode movies, not that i will... but i can... open office works like a champ these days(one word of caution, open office equation editor converts to MS as a bunch of boxes).... i have the mouse set up with zones just like i have in windows... i did have to change a few things in files to get the proper resolution, but it was easier than before... hibernation works great... i installed matlab this evening... so that's all i really need... yay. next area of exploration will be gps in linux... just to see if i can.

most of my free time this past week has been spent fooling around with ubuntu... i did see pan's labyrinth, i wasn't disappointed... i also saw children of men, which i enjoyed as well. everything else has been school, research, alcohol, and hookah bars...