ĄPepper Steak!


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      What to buy:



  What to do:

   Cook Rice:

  1. Boil X amount of water, consult rice packaging for specifics
  2. When water begins to boil add rice
  3. Lower heat and cover
  4. Stir occasionally

   Prepare Pepper and Steak Component:

  1. Chop Onion
  2. Trim the fat off the steak, and cut the steak into strips
  3. Pour some vegetable oil into a large skillet
  4. Add salt and brown steak strips in the vegetable oil
  5. Drain fat from steak when completely cooked
  6. Add onions to skillet and stir occasionally until they begin to turn kind of yellow and/or clear
  7. In a bowl mix beef broth, soy sauce and garlic, add this to the skillet
  8. Cover and simmer for about 10 minutes, during this time cut the peppers and tomatoes into 1" pieces
  9. Add peppers to skillet, cover and simmer 5 minutes
  10. Blend cornstarch and .25 c. COLD water (cornstarch will clump if cold water is not used)
  11. Slowly stir cornstarch mixture into skillet, continue stirring until steak mixture thickens
  12. Add tomatoes, simmer a few more minutes
  13. Serve over the rice