. ¡February 16th 2004!


     Comparing laser tag to unreal tournament:

        Kielen: Why play real laser tag when you can play

                    something even better on the computer.

        Nate: That's been my philosophy on women all along.


       Discussing the matrix Sentinel versus Godzilla:

       Brian: Isn't the sentinel big in the movie?

       Kielen: Yeah but Godzilla's even bigger... in real life.


       Phil: Okay, I'm a communist


       Kielen asking Phil about his gloves

       Kielen: Why do you have fuzzy mitten?

       Phil: Because they were $0.50 for 2 pairs in the

               children's section

        Kielen: Why were you in the children's section?

        Phil: umm...

        Kielen:  you were looking for babies weren't you

        Phil:  Yeah and i had to cut off the fingertips to to hide

                 the evidence


        At dinner

        Nate: Phil, do you like to eat yummy yummy

                 ass excursions?

         Phil: ... What?!? EAT! EAT!!


         Nate: Real men eat babies.


        Kielen: I have a squirt gun built into my shoe

        Nate: I have a squirt gun built into my lower torso