. ¡February 19th 2004!


      Discovery channel, Seahorses

        Brian: You know they're asexual Phil?

        Nate:  Yeah like your mom.



       Optics Lab with Kosh

       Brian: Look Kosh is actually reading the lab report

       Kosh: Well, yeah I saw some code so I had to read that.


        Kielen: Sometimes its too late to start something,

                    but its never too late to quit.


       Kielen: Does Hal love animals?

       Phil: Yes

       Kielen: Well why doesn't she marry one?


       Nate: you don't' stab feet you, rub them


        Nate: What Phil, you don't like nuts?

        Phil: ::giggle giggle::


        Nate leaves dinner table and returns shortly

        Phil: Ohh, he got his notepad


        Phil: How do you drink jelly?


         Josh: My crowning achievement was turning a fat

                 girl skinny.

        Phil: Why?


        Chad: Did someone fart?

        Nate: I took a shit...

                 not in my pants