. ¡August 8th 2004!


     Phil: This house is great, you hold your hand out long enough

                 and someone puts a beer in it


        Nate: Oh no, the pen's dying

        Phil: Yes! that's the official quote book pen.

        Nate: It's about to become the official pen in your eye.


        Brian: Hello, 911, (what's your emergency) My roomates are out of control....

                  They're drinking my beer


         Phil Corning AKA Chico Flashdance


         Phil: Pi was a happy disney movie compared to that (requiem for a dream)


          Phil: i have no problems drinking marajuana


          Chad: (after 1 beer) It's 40  time DODODO!!!


          Brian: That's nasty as fuck! Like putting your hand in a pile of shit! (talking about M&M's)


         Chad: It's not like i drank 64 ounces of beer... oh wait i did...


          Chad: There were titties on the menu screen? I might like this movie

                    you might want to change that quote to phil.


           Brian: if you work on your paper in the living room you need to keep your pants on.

           Phil: Aww man, since when was that a rule.


            Kosh: (Phils water bottle filter) It looks like a tampon.


            Kosh: (Phil's name as swear word) Oh that was a funny episode.


             Kosh: I've had some Korean in me before

                      Are you going to take me now or later.


            Nate: Phil are you a hot bitch.

            Phil: ... Yes


            Nate: I can't lie with my pants on.


            Nate: (drinking out of wine bottle) Look at me I'm a WINO!!!!


            Chad: (12:01 pm saturday) Beer really hits the spot this early in the day.

            Nate: That sounds like a good idea, i'll get my 40.


            Brian: We're modulating this bitch with a cosine


            Nate: (in reference to balisongs) if we are going to be playing around with shit

                      we might as well be tossing shit around.